Urfa Chili

Urfa Chili

About: Urfa biber, also known as Urfa pepper, is a Turkish chili pepper known for its smoky, raisin-like taste, with mild heat and a rich, earthy flavor.

Here are a few popular recipes that feature Urfa biber:

Urfa Biber Lamb Kebabs: This recipe involves marinating lamb in a mixture of Urfa biber, breadcrumbs, eggs and herbs,  then grilling it to perfection. It's often served with flatbreads and a variety of dips.

Spicy Lentils with Charred Eggplant: This recipe showcases the uniqueness of the Urfa spice. It's healthy, filling, and holds well (meaning you can reheat it for several days without losing flavor). 

Turkish Style Poached Eggs: Urfa enhances eggs superbly. Çılbır, a Turkish dish featuring poached eggs atop yogurt. Substituting paprika with Urfa elevates this luxurious and richly flavorful dish to new heights.

Urfa Biber Spiced Hummus: Adding Urfa to hummus gives the dish a smoky twist to the classic hummus with the addition of Urfa biber. This recipe does not mention Urfa but it's one of our favorite hummus recipes online (you can sub canned garbanzo beans but it's a very noticeable difference. 

Cooking Tips
Best added at the end of cooking to preserve its unique flavor. Complements meats, sauces, and vegetable dishes. Can be used as a finishing spice.

Origin: Urfa, Turkey

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