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French Poultry

French Poultry

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Urfa Chili (also known as Urfa Biber or Isot Pepper).

Tasting Notes
Smoky and raisin-like with a mild, lingering heat. Undertones of chocolate and tobacco, providing a complex, rich flavor.

Cooking Tips
Best added at the end of cooking to preserve its unique flavor. Complements meats, sauces, and vegetable dishes. Can be used as a finishing spice.

Recipe Ideas
1. Sprinkle over grilled meats or kebabs for a smoky flavor.
2. Enhance the taste of stews and soups.
3. Use in traditional Turkish dishes like lahmacun.
4. Mix into yogurt-based sauces or dips.
5. Add a twist to chocolate desserts or brownies for a smoky-spicy note.

Urfa, Turkey

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